In this Helping Hands blog we’d like to introduce Mr Lapp, one of our fully-sponsored scholarship students from Helping Hands’ village, moving into his second year in Nursing and Midwifery at a Cambodian university.

Hi! Please introduce yourself:DSCF1810

Hello, my name is Lapp, I am 28 years old and I am from Prasat Chas village, 25km outside of Siem Reap town, Cambodia. I am just completing Semester 2, Year 1 in Nursing and Midwifery.

For the last semester I have been on practice in a Siem Reap hospital, 30km from the centre. I am being taught to look for signs of symptoms of sickness. I love this! It is very interesting. I am also learning how to protect people from long-term disease. My favorite area of study when I am in class is Nutrition, I find it very useful. My least favorite is learning about infectious diseases and parasites (pulls a face)!

When I am not studying I try to help in the community. For simple illnesses I can give medicine and advice. There is a lot of sickness in my village, many coughs, flues and stomach problems. If the children are sick I advise the families to go to hospital as soon as possible; disease can be serious for children at this time of year (there is a lot of fever and dengue because of rainy season). I also do farming, raise animals, plant fruits and vegetables and transport goods from the market for wife to sell outside our house.

Mr Lapp with his wife in the community, at his house where he consults on emergency health issues.

Mr Lapp with his wife in the community, at his house where he consults on emergency health issues.

I want to be a nurse to help my community and to grow my own knowledge.”

Please join us in wishing Lapp a great second year of study. Thanks Lapp!

Helping Hands Cambodia provides full university scholarships for deserving candidates from Prasat Chas village in rural Cambodia. The scholarship program is funded entirely by private sponsorship. Lapp’s full course fees, textbooks, exam and transcript costs are covered entirely by sponsorship. We currently sponsor 5 students in higher education and support 7 students in vocational training, ensuring that they have their chosen skills to improve Cambodia and break the cycle of poverty in their community, long-term.

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