Everyone has the ability to express their voice, thoughts, feelings, ideas. But does everyone feel free to do it? IS everyone free to do it? And does everyone know how they are able to do it?

Knowing that you have a voice, that your thoughts and feelings have value and are worth expressing, is that important? Why do you think that?

How does it make us feel when we express our feelings thoughts and ideas? What does it do with us? These are all questions only everyone for them self can answer.

At Helping Hands we believe that everyone is allowed to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas. It can enhance one’s self-esteem and personal development, and everyone does it in his or her own way.

‘Writing Through’, an organization that facilitates creative writing workshops for NGO’s, shares this opinion.

In the past week, twenty Helping

SAM_2681.JPGHands students were able to explore how they can express their own thoughts and feelings through writing.

During a 6 day workshop, facilitated by ‘Writing Through’, the students learnt how to use their ‘magic pencil’ to turn their thoughts and ideas into amazing pieces of writing.


The students have been writing about the topic ‘Change’, which, you can imagine, brought up many feelings, thoughts and ideas for the students. How do we change? How does the weather change, the environment? How do feelings change, how do people change, how does time change? These were all questions brought up in the big brainstorm in which the students were encouraged to use the front of their brains to let imagination, feelings, thoughts and ideas on the lose.

And just like that, the students wrote the most beautiful and meaningful poems and stories. Did they believe that they could write amazing things like these before the workshop started?  “Yes”, said some. Some said no. SAM_2684.JPG

The belief that one’s thoughts and feelings have value and are worth expressing is so important for these students, who have so little, but yet have so much.They have so much to give, to share, to say, to express. Through this workshop, they now have found their voice..


Change for the Future

A group Poem

Feeling that we miss mother
When I go to a wedding party
I feel happy
Meet new friends
These all change time

Time goes forward
We lose friends
We get older
We have a family
We have a baby
Times make these happen

Change makes us go from having no job
to having a job
It is good, we like it
But some changes do not make us happy
Getting older
Mother dies
We get lonely

Time and change sometimes make us unhappy
But sometimes happy.


The Giant and the Cowboy

A Group Story

Mr. Matt is a cowboy. He takes the cow to the grassland every day. One day he saw the giant in the tree. He looked scary with big eyes and curly dark hair. When the giant saw the cow, he wanted to catch it to eat it. Mr Matt was scared, and he said “Don’t catch my cow, you should make your body small.” Meanwhile, an angel named Kong Kea was watching them. A rabbit, named Mom, was hunting for food. The rabbit and the angel wanted to work together to help Mr. Matt. The rabbit went to gather all the rabbits in the grassland to help. The angel talked to the giant to get more time. She said, “A cow is delicious, but before you eat it, you should do something fun like sing or dance!” The angel started to sing, and he felt happy so he started to dance. He danced until he got tired and wanted to sleep. All the rabbits and many people arrived, and they tied up the sleeping giant with magic string. Mr Matt and the cow now have no problem! They say thank you to everyone.


Environment and Happy in the Family

By a Helping Hands student, (17 years old)

Green nature
when there is rain.
We and the nature die if there is no rain.
We should try to plant
to keep our family fresh,
the baby happy.

We need to change the habits,
have green nature,
good environment.
We get healthy,
happiness in the family.

Parents try to work.
Children try to help parents
and go to study.
Make them happy in the family.